FFL Transfers - $20.00 Cash per Firearm or Receiver

Waco, Texas

Federal Law requires that firearms be shipped to an FFL.

(A dealer holding a Federal Firearms License)

I will be happy to make your FFL transfers as painless as possible.

Transfers are done by Appointment Only
You must be at least 21 years of age to purchase a handgun or an "AR/AK" stripped receiver

How it works.

    1.    When you make your purchase, or need one shipped in, please, send me an "email": ffl@greenlawnsports.com, with the following information:

-         Your contact information.  (I need to know how to contact you when it arrives).  Very often I receive your gun before you get confirmation.

-         The firearm(s) you purchased and shipper/seller's name.

-         If and when you receive tracking information, it is also very helpful for you to forward me the tracking number.

-         Note: if purchasing from an individual (non-FFL dealer), the seller/shipper must include a valid copy of the seller/shipper's driver’s license and a note with the buyers name and the make, model and serial number of the firearm easily available in the package.

      2.    When your firearm arrives, I will contact you to schedule an appointment to complete the background check and/or finalize the transfer paperwork.

   Please be sure I have an email with your contact information!

What you need to bring with you when you pick up your firearm.

1.    Bring your current Texas driver’s license. Important: Your Texas license must contain your current permanent address (contact me if not).

2.    If you have a current Texas LTC, please bring it with you.

3. Bring $20.00 cash per firearm or receiver, I do not accept credit cards or checks.  

4. If you are picking up a used handgun, all must leave here with a childproof handgun lock, Either bring one with you or you can  purchase one for $10.

It’s that simple. 

Please note: When I miss deliveries, and I do, I can usually get them the following business day.  Please do not modify the package delivery on the tracking sites.  

Also note: The purchase of your firearm is between you and the online seller. If it has to be returned, it will be at your or the sellers expense and my fee still applies.

FFL Shipping Rates

My rates for shipping firearms to another FFL are:

$60 for most handguns via USPS Priority Mail and $100 for most rifles via UPS.
(Rates have gone up)
This does not include
additional insurance and packaging.
I do not ship to California.

Please contact me if you have any further questions.
(512) 844-0434  -  "I am in Waco"


Last Updated 10/07/2022